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Mobile massage

Boost your employees energy

Chairmassage | Seated massage
The term "chair massage" describes the acupressure technique that is performed while the client sits fully clothed on a special chair.

We focus on key tension areas in the shoulders, neck, back, head, arms and hands in less than 10 minutes!

Staying dressed and publicly visible has had a tremendous impact on how people perceive massage. With seated massage there is no mystery or fear of the unknown.

Now everyone can enjoy the many benefits of massage and it is perfectly acceptable to watch someone, or be seen, getting a chairmassage.


What are the benefits of chairmassage?

  • Boosts energy and alertness
  • Pain relieving
  • Improves posture and body awareness
  • Increases the flow of happiness
  • Decreases muscle tension

How is chairmassage unique?

  • Done seated and requires very little space
  • Usually done out in the open so it is safe and non-threatening
  • Done through the clothing so there is no need to undress
  • No need to go anywhere, we come to you
  • Can easily fit into anyone's schedule
  • Results are immediate, cumulative and guaranteed
  • Affordable for any budget

Try our service !

Try out our mobile chairmassage and see how much more vital and energetic your employess will become.

We will happily answer your questions:

Phone: +41 (0) 61 55 105 55
Email: info@chairmassage.ch

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Balance@Work GmbH (since 2005) together with its licensed therapists offers event- and workplace health measures nationally and internationally.
Our goal is to reduce job stress, increase motivation and happiness at the workplace.

I challenge you to call us, invite us and first try our services for free.

Cornelis Bezuijen

Cornelis Bezuijen
Owner of Balance@Work



Experience | Competence | Flexibility
Here are some of the clients we have worked for:

  • Club Med
  • Salon de l'automobile de Genève
  • DIA Congress
  • Salon RH (Zürich and Genève)
  • Johnson and Johnson
  • les département de la Conféderation Suisse
  • Swiss Indoors
  • Congrès PSE
  • Euroforum
  • Forum économique de Davos (FEM)
  • ... and lots of others.